Responsible Parents for Wilson School Board

Wilson School District is one that is admired and sought after by many in throughout our county and state, and our PAC is dedicated to keeping it that way. We want to ensure that ALL of our kids have a successful, safe, and fun learning experience at Wilson that prepares them for their next step in life, whatever that may be.

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that the school board and the administration have not been representing the wishes of the community, parents, teachers, faculty, staff, and children of our district. This pushed many of us to reach out to the board, speak at meetings, and try to partner for a better outcome.

We pushed the board to provide more transparency, to commit to fiscal responsiblity, to stop raising our taxes, to create safe learning for ALL students (regardless of race, sex, religious beliefs, etc), and to partner and communicate with the community.

Some board members embraced this approach and have become great partners with the community. They ask great questions, they listen, they engage, and they care. Unfortuantely, others on the board do not share our vision and see there time on the board as a way to push their agendas regardless of community input. The more we reached out to some, the more we were ignored and dismissed.

Rather than retreat, we decided to fight back.

That is when we decided to create the Responsible Parents for Wilson School Board Political Action Commitee (PAC). This PAC is for our community. It is for those of us that want to maintain Wilson’s rich history of success while protecting our students, teachers, and staff. We believe in respectful conversations, decisions based on facts, and a District where the Board represents the will of the communitee.

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