Equity In Wilson – A Timeline of Events

During a recent School Board meeting, we were given a timeline from the Equity Committee. A timeline that until August the 2nd, had never been made aware to parents or community member. According to Dr Kennedy, they have been looking at equity since 2019 and working to create a viable policy for almost 2 years. There are 2 problems with that statement:

  • First, other board members were under the impression that Equity was not a true issue at Wilson until the events surrounding George Floyd’s death
  • Second, the Equity Policy initial draft that first came to the board in mid 2021 was essentially a template from the state. This implies that after a year and a half of effort, the Equity Committee proposed nothing original. What exactly have they been doing?

To attempt to set the record straight, a member of our community put together an actual timeline of events (at least the ones we were made aware of). That timeline can be viewed here:

The current version of the Equity Policy lacks any boundaries, and does not specify a budget. It does imply that we will need to spend money on an equity analysis to try in find issues in a district that does not appear to have equity related complaints or issues.

Please join us on the 9th at 6:30pm at the Wilson Southern Middle School auditorium to speak out against this policy and stop this thing before it ever gains traction.