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  • Fiscal Responsibility is Needed in Wilson
    Fiscal responsibility is a topic that seems to make Americans cringe these days.  Spending within our means, managing a budget, and saving for the future are values we all try to instill into our children.  For some reason, we don’t want to apply those same lessons to our school districts and government entities. Managing a […]
  • From the Candidates ViewPoint: Pro Teachers but not pro politics in school.
    This week’s blog comes from one of our candidates, Val Delp. I would like to take a moment to address some comments made at this week’s board meeting in an attempt to spin our candidates’ concerns to suggest that we are anti-teacher.  I thought a lot about a comment that was made about how sourcing […]
  • Can you teach critical thinking skills without CRT or Race?
    One of our supporters recently asked us this question, and short answer is yes!  And that is exactly how it should be first taught.  Here’s why. When you learn a new skill, you need to first learn the skill without any emotion, opinions, etc. getting in the way of learning.  For example, take learning to […]
  • If CRT isn’t in Wilson, why is everyone so upset?
    Recently Equity and CRT have been hot topics at Wilson.  It has been a topic of discussion in school board meetings, committee meetings, administration meetings, and around the community.  And the only thing our community can agree on is that we do NOT agree on this topic.  When taking a step back and researching how […]
  • Welcome Mehgan Epler!
    The Responsible Parents for Wilson School Board PAC is excited to announce our THIRD Write In Candidate – Mehgan Epler! Mehgan is a wife and mom of three amazing boys. She is exactly what the PAC is looking for in a candidate to help us make changes at Wilson. The PAC, Craig, and Val are […]
  • A huge welcome to the newest Wilson School Board Candidate – Val Delp!
    We are so excited to announce that there is a new write-in candidate for Wilson School Board! Her name is Val Delp and she is fully committed to representing our district, protecting our children, and bringing sanity back to our board. I’m sure you will hear more about her platform in the coming days and […]
  • Good candidates are the key to success.
    Over the past week, our team has been engaged in meetings all over the county. Strategy meetings, fundraising meetings, planning meetings, etc…we are living the meeting dream! While we covered tons of topics, there is one thing that has become abundantly clear this week: The Wilson Community is not aware that we are desperately short […]
  • 6th Grade Southern Middle School “Social Issues” unit
    We wanted to follow up to our previous post about a book referenced in the 6th Grade Southern Middle School “Social Issues” unit.  Since then, we’ve become aware of more information and wanted to share that with all of you.  During the TownHall on Monday August 9th it was mentioned that kids had a choice […]
  • Craig Stonaha on the “We the People” Podcast
    On the latest edition of the “We The People” podcast our campaign was fortunate to be featured. Hosts Danielle and Joe did an amazing job and we like to think our candidate did an OK job as well. Please take some time to listen and give your feedback! We would love to here your thoughts […]
  • Wilson Teaches 6th Graders to Distrust the Police
    We are continually told that CRT is only a graduate level course and that none of its concepts are in our school. We are then presented with outrage when we release information like the above. The image above was sent to us by one of our contacts within the school district. This is the back […]