Mail In Ballot Information

Got your Mail In Ballot?   Great! 

Voting for our 3 Write-In Candidates is simple and easy!  See below!


On your ballot, you will simply write in CRAIG STONAHA on the first write-in line, VAL DELP on the second write-in line, and MEHGAN EPLER on the third write-in line.  Make sure you fill out their circles for each line as well.  Continue to fill out the ballot and once completed mail it in.  Then kick back, relax, and feel good that you took the time to bring your voice onto the school board. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we are happy to help!

For more information on getting a mail in ballot, when you need to apply for one by (October 26th at 5PM) when the ballot must be received by (8PM on November 2nd), and more please check out the PA Voting and Election Information site: