Meet Craig Stonaha

Craig Stonaha Headshot

Meet Craig Stonaha – that’s stone without the “e” and “aha” – Stonaha! (Remember that for November 2nd).

As a life-long resident of Berks County, Craig is intimately familiar with the people, the culture, and most importantly, the schools of our diverse and thriving county.  After graduating from Exeter Township Senior High, Craig went on to get his Bachelor’s Degree from King’s College and then went to Villanova to pursue his Master’s Degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering.  As the old saying goes, all roads lead to Reading, and he ended up back in Berks as an executive at a local Home Builder.  In 2005 he took the plunge and started his first business.  He now owns multiple companies in Berks and employs dozens of people. He currently lives in Spring Township with his beautiful wife and daughter.

His goal has always been simple:  Leave the world better than how he found it.  His next step in trying to achieve that goals is to commit his drive and his passion to helping Wilson continue its rise as one of the best schools in the state.

Craig is involved in multiple charities in the community including the Wilson Education Foundation, he is active in his school’s PTO, and is a PA State STEM Competition Judge.

Craig is running for school board because he wants the best experience for all of our kids. Craig wants transparency between the board and the community. He has been frustrated with the dismissive behaviors of some of the board members and believes that the school board can do better. Rather than be part of the problem, Craig rolled up his sleeves and got to work. Craig is committed to keeping our schools open, to improve the experience for all students, especially our IEP students. He is for parent choice on masks, vaccines, and anything that requires making decisions on behalf of our children. He is against raising our taxes even more, and passionately disagrees with Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our classrooms. He is open to conversations about differences, diversity, etc, but does not agree with pushing the CRT Agenda on our kids.

Craig is hoping to bridge the gap between the community and the school board. He is committed to putting in the work to get results.

To help Craig succeed in this journey please consider donating using the link below. Every little bit helps our candidates get the changes you are looking for. Thank you!