Meet Mehgan Epler!

Meet Mehgan – yup you saw that right the H before the G (remember that on November 2nd)!

Mehgan has lived in Berks County for the past 30 years.  She graduated from Muhlenberg High School and attended college at the St. Joseph Medical Center.  She currently resides in Lincoln Park with her husband and her 3 boys, two of which attend Shiloh Hills. 
Mehgan was a stay-at-home mom for the past 8 years and recently brought her talent and skills back into the workforce. 

Mehgan has been active in local politics for well over 17 years.  She knows how important it is to not stay quiet, but to stand up for what is right, and isn’t afraid to do so.  She credits this passion and inspiration to always do the right thing to her dad. 

Mehgan is committed to fighting for the parents of Wilson to help our schools stay open, keep choice in the parent’s hand, and doing what is best for our kids.  She is committed to making sure budgeting and allocation and prioritizing of spending gets back on track at Wilson.  Mehgan is against Critical Race Theory in the schools and doesn’t want it taught at Wilson.  She also realizes that Wilson is hiding behind the word equity. 

Mehgan wants to be part of the school board so that we can make a difference and include the community with the decisions we make.   

To support Mehgan in her journey to helping to change the Wilson School Board please consider donating below.  Every little bit helps our candidates get the changes you are looking for. Thank you!