Meet Val Delp!

The Responsible Parents for Wilson School Board is excited to introduce Val Delp as a November 2021 Wilson School Board Write-In Candidate. 

Val is a wife and mom of two adorable little kids.  She is a graduate of Elizabeth College and is a former elementary teacher and early childhood educator.  While doing this she obtained a second degree in Business and Accounting.  This degree encouraged her to start a financial advisory practice with her husband and they have been successfully running this for over a decade!

Val is committed to bringing her integrity to the board.  She has three nieces and one nephew in Wilson Schools and her kids, while younger, are slated to attend Wilson.  She is passionate at ensuring that Wilson holds true values for all our students. 

Val is committed to ensuring parents have the right to choose on masking their children and believes in keeping our schools open.  She is against CRT in our curriculum and believes it has no place in our classrooms.  Val promises transparency and keeping parents and the community engaged and involved with what is happening at the school. With a background in finance, she also believes schools should operate in a fiscally responsible way.

Please join us in supporting Val as a write-in and remember to write her in on November 2nd

To help support Val on her journey to helping change Wilson School Board please consider donating below. Every little bit helps our candidates get the changes you are looking for. Thank you!