The Creation Of The PAC

For decades, Wilson School District has been one of the premier public school districts in the state of Pennsylvania. A long-standing tradition of educational excellence and exceptional athletics has made our district one of the most sought out destinations for parents who want to give their children the best opportunities for success.

Unfortunately, we are now seeing a shift in the vision that is The Wilson School District. Out of control spending and thinly-veiled attempts to implement Critical Race Theory under the guise of Equity have led to one of the largest divides ever seen amongst the parents and community members of our district.

While we have some phenomenal representatives on our School Board who represent our district with honor and dedication, we also have some toxic individuals who support policies that are destructive to both the community and our children.

I am running for school board as a write-in candidate because I believe in The Wilson School District, I believe in our teachers, and I believe in our community. The greatest gift I can give to the children of our district is an investment of time and an unwavering commitment to education.

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Thank you,
Craig Stonaha

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