A huge welcome to the newest Wilson School Board Candidate – Val Delp!

We are so excited to announce that there is a new write-in candidate for Wilson School Board! Her name is Val Delp and she is fully committed to representing our district, protecting our children, and bringing sanity back to our board. I’m sure you will hear more about her platform in the coming days and weeks. I have been communicating with her for some time and as far as I am concerned, we are lucky to have her.

As another piece of good news, she has also been accepted by the “Responsible Parents for Wilson School Board” PAC. That means that she will have additional resources and support right from the start.

To all of you, our work is starting to pay off. Good people are volunteering to server, people are committing their time and money to support us, and we have never been so united. This is a fight we can win and that you all for making that happen!

Check out more on Val Delp and her positions here.

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