Good candidates are the key to success.

Over the past week, our team has been engaged in meetings all over the county. Strategy meetings, fundraising meetings, planning meetings, etc…we are living the meeting dream!

While we covered tons of topics, there is one thing that has become abundantly clear this week: The Wilson Community is not aware that we are desperately short on candidates.

The four school board members running for re-election are:

  • Steph Kocher
  • Ed Case
  • Dr. Amy Kennedy
  • Sean McCrae

As of August 20th, there were three candidates running for school board to try and flip the above 4 seats that are up for re-election. On the 21st my campaign received a phone call from one of the candidates saying that they were no longer able to run. On the 22nd we were informed that the other candidate is having fundraising issues and is struggling to mount an effective campaign.

This means we have 2 viable candidates and some serious finance issues.

Wilson Needs Candidates.

My campaign is willing to assist candidates to get up to speed and we have setup a PAC to support all candidates. Now all we need are people.

If you know anyone who is willing to run, please do not hesitate to have them reach out to my campaign. This community needs leaders now more than ever. I know they are out there, we just need to find them and ask them to answer the call.

Thank you,

Craig Stonaha

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