Welcome Mehgan Epler!

The Responsible Parents for Wilson School Board PAC is excited to announce our THIRD Write In Candidate – Mehgan Epler!
Mehgan is a wife and mom of three amazing boys. She is exactly what the PAC is looking for in a candidate to help us make changes at Wilson. The PAC, Craig, and Val are so excited to have Mehgan join our team.

To all of you, our work is starting to pay off. THANK YOU!

Good people are volunteering to server, people are committing their time and money to support us, and we have never been so united. This is a fight we can win and that you all for making that happen!

Check out Mehgan’s campaign page to learn more about Mehgan, her commitments, and to help her along her journey!

And remember – its MeHgan – the “H” before he “g “- this is key for November 2nd!

Welcome Mehgan!

Mehgan Epler

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