Wilson Teaches 6th Graders to Distrust the Police

We are continually told that CRT is only a graduate level course and that none of its concepts are in our school. We are then presented with outrage when we release information like the above.

The image above was sent to us by one of our contacts within the school district. This is the back cover of a book that was assigned as mandatory reading to the students of the Wilson Southern Middle School 6th grade class.

While our campaign will never restrict age appropriate reading, these types of books are extremely inflammatory and tell a story that is exceedingly rare in our society. Despite the rarity of these types of events, this book (and books like them) portray police violence against minority youths as commonplace and an “epidemic”.

When a parent brought this up as not something that should be assigned to a 6th grader, she was dismissed. When another suggested that this type of reading needs to be given context by assigning books that show the everyday heroism of our police or the extreme rarity of police violence against minorities they were openly laughed at.

CRT concepts are in our schools and this is not our only evidence. Police are not our enemies and they should never be portrayed as murders (especially of children).

Stand up for what is right. Email the board members about this information, attend board meetings to speak out, and support your local school board candidates. Together we can stop this spread of hate.

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