We need your help! Please donate to the future of our school board!

Traditionally, candidates raise funds for their campaign. This is an effective way to ensure they have the resources to hopefully win. The problem with this strategy is that it makes the fundraising all about them. Our campaign has turned this philosophy on its head by starting the PAC “Responsible Parent For Wilson School Board”.

Our PAC does not support any one candidate but supports ALL candidates that meet our criteria. This means that the money raised is not only useful now but long into the future making this a strategic PAC designed to get candidates on the board this year and every year after. The idea is to ensure that we never again allow our board to be hijacked by extremists.

Currently, our PAC is supporting 3 candidates:

Our process for determining candidates is in-depth and requires a series of interviews with volunteers prior to a final interview with the PAC leadership. If a candidate passes all those requirements, they are then accepted and have access to PAC resources. Here are our current criteria:

  • Keep our kids in school\Keep our schools open
  • Support parents rights
  • Support fiscal responsibility
  • Fight against any form of education that is related to Critical Race Theory
  • Support board and administrative transparency

If you agree with the above stated goals, please considering donating to our cause using the form below. By being strategic, we can support candidates both now and long into the future and ensure that Wilson remains the leader in education in Berks County.